Ponca City Gospel Jubilee
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Our Crew of Musicians

"The Crew" as of March 25, 2017

"The Crew" as of June 1, 2013

Jay Jay Jay Fletcher, Manager, Bass, Guitar and Vocals
Melissa Melissa Melissa Fletcher, Fiddle and Vocals
Deloris Deloris Deloris Hutchinson, Piano
Gene Gene Gene Hutchinson, Harmonica and Vocals
Jo Jo Jo Sharp, Rub-board and Vocals
Roger Roger Roger Miller, Vocals
Vicky (Wright) Vaughan, Vocals
Russell Russell Russell Struble, Concessions
Don Willis Drums
Ken Wilson bass guitar and harmonica
Jack Kelsey, Lead Guitar, vocals
And of course our congregation of friends and family
that enjoy the music we play and are welcome to sing along.  
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